Untitled #460

Untitled #460

Untitled #460 Oil on Canvas 4x4"


Born in Connecticut, Whitney lived in Surrey, England for almost a decade before moving to Virginia in 1994. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in 2003 from Denison University, and her Master of Fine Arts Degree from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in 2008. 

Whitney's work has been exhibited nationally and featured in various publications. Her pieces are in private collections throughout the United States and abroad. She has worked in galleries and museums and taught various courses at the high school and college level. 

Whitney lives in Virginia and is actively creating and exhibiting her work. She is represented by the Newman Galleries (Philadelphia), The Photo Dog Art Gallery and Jessie Edwards' Studio (Block Island.) 

Artist Statement: 

I am fascinated by the sky - both by its subtle, transitory qualities, 
and by its ability to alter the landscape. Much of my work is focused on the atmospheric relationship between the sky and the attendant land 
and sea. In my work, I strive to integrate these realms through my use 
of atmosphere for both perceptual and metaphorical purposes. 
Through skies, I seek to allude to the infinite province of the Divine. I reference my own environment by the depiction of places that are important to me.